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What if it says I do not have an account?Updated a year ago

Why am I receiving this message?

We're sorry you're getting this message, but we have a quick explanation and solution for you!

Creating an account is actually a separate step from placing an order. If you do not select the option to create your account while checking out you will be able to place an order, but you technically will not have created your account. As long as you use the same email for your account as you did when placing your order, all your Plan details will automatically be populated into your account!

How to Create Your Account: 

  1. If you try and log in and are receiving a notification that you do not have an account, you may have to register and create a new account.
  2. Navigate to
    - You can also select "Account" from the upper right-hand side of the Step One website
  3. Select the "Create Account" button under the 'New Customer' section on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Fill out the form under the 'New Customer' form
    - Make sure to use the same email that you used when you placed your order
  5. As long as you use the same email associated with your orders, all of your order history and information will be automatically connected to your account. 

View our instructional video:

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