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Build-A-Bundle FAQUpdated 2 months ago

Here's everything you need to know about our Plan Member exclusive, Build-A-Bundle!

What is Build-A-Bundle? 

The “Build-A-Bundle” option is a great feature of our subscription program that allows you to create the perfect Plan for you! Bundles start at 4 boxes and you’ll receive additional discounts on top of your automatic 15% subscriber discount.

  • Orders of 4-6 boxes will receive an additional 8% discount (21% total savings)
  • Orders of 7-9 boxes will receive an additional 10% discount (23% total savings)
  • Orders of 10+ boxes will receive an additional 12% discount (over 25% total savings)

This is a great option for people who are placing larger orders. You can completely edit your order at any time- add new products, delete products, skip, or cancel at any time.

Your order can consist of any combination of products- order 4 of the same product or mix and match!

How is Build-A-Bundle different than a regular subscription? 

There are two major differences between the Build-A-Bundle and a normal subscription order. Build-A-Bundle orders have a 4 box minimum and receive additional discounts based on the volume of the order. Normal subscription orders have no order minimums and receive a discount of 15%.

If I am currently subscribed to 4 or more boxes will I automatically receive the additional discount? What if I am currently subscribed to a Pack (ie Starter Pack, Snack Pack)?

No, if you are currently subscribed to 4 or more boxes you will not automatically receive the additional discount, you’ll need to swap your normal subscription for a Build-A-Bundle to receive the discount. Packs will also need to be swapped for a Bundle to receive the discount (you can simply recreate the pack and this will allow for easier editing in the future!). To have your account swapped to a bundle contact our customer support team with your request. 

Can other discounts be applied to Build-A-Bundle orders? 

Build-A-Bundle orders cannot be combined with additional discount or offers. Bundles are already discounted by at least 21%. If you would like to take advantage of an additional offer you can place a one time order. 


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