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Create a Build-A-Bundle Subscription

Creating a Build-A-Bundle is as simple as creating any other order!. BACK TO STEP ONE FOODS WEBSITE

Edit Products in a Build-A-Bundle Order

Editing a Build-A-Bundle order is meant to be simple and straightforward! Here's how to create the right order for your needs. BACK TO STEP ONE FOODS WEBSITE

Switch from a Build-A-Bundle to a Regular Subscription

If you would like to switch from an active Build-A-Bundle order to a normal subscription order (if you want an order less than 4 boxes, for example) follow these steps. You'll still receive a 15% discount on all subscription orders. BACK TO STEP ONE

Cancel a Build-A-Bundle Subscription

Simply follow the directions here to cancel a Build-A-Bundle like you would cancel any other order. BACK TO STEP ONE FOODS WEBSITE

Build-A-Bundle FAQ

Here's everything you need to know about our Plan Member exclusive, Build-A-Bundle!. What is Build-A-Bundle?. The “Build-A-Bundle” option is a great feature of our subscription program that allows you to create the perfect Plan for you! Bundles start

Switch from a Subscription Order to a Build-A-Bundle Order

Our customer support team is happy to manage any subscription edits or requests, including switching your subscription to a Bundle! Simply reach out with your request and we can take care of everything for you!. If you would like to switch to a Bundl