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Add a One-Time ProductUpdated 3 months ago

  1. Log into your account  
  2. You'll see your 'Active Subscriptions' 
    1. If you have previously cancelled products from your subscription you'll also see 'Inactive Subscriptions'. If you would like to reactivate a product, skip to the section below titled "Re-activating a Product". 
  3. Select the "View Details" button on the right-hand side of the active subscription you want to add a product to
  4. Under the "Goes well with your next order" section, click the "See more products" button
  5. In the pop-up on the right side of your screen, use the search field to look up the name of the product you would like to add, or select it from the options on the page. Select the product. 
  6. Update the options for your product: 
    • Update the quantity
    • Select 'One-Time Order' 
    • The system will default to your shipping address on file. 
    • The system will default to the ship date that your other products are scheduled to ship on.  
  7. Once all settings are updated to your wishes, select the "Add a product" button.

View our instructional video:


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