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Learn how to edit product quantity and frequency, add new products, delete products and cancel your plan.


Add a Product

If you would like to add a One-Time Product to your upcoming order, click here.

Delete a Product

Log into your account You'll see your 'Active Subscriptions', and click 'View Details'Find the product that you would like to delete, and click the 'Edit' button next to itIn the pop-up on the right side of your screen, scroll to the bottom of the pr

Change Product Quantity

Change Product Frequency

Delete Your Plan (All Products)

If you need to place your Plan on pause for a few months, you can do that here!.

Reactivate or Resume a Subscription

Use this option if you would like to reactivate a Subscription that you have previously cancelled or paused. Log into your account and scroll to your "Inactive/Paused Products" section Select 'View details' on the subscription you would like to react

Add a One-Time Product

Log into your account  You'll see your 'Active Subscriptions' If you have previously cancelled products from your subscription you'll also see 'Inactive Subscriptions'. If you would like to reactivate a product, skip to the section below titled "Re-a

Merge Subscriptions

Log into your account  You'll see all your Active SubscriptionsSelect the Merge Subscriptions' button at top of the pageIn the pop-up on the right side of your screen, select the address you would like to merge together; click 'Next'Choose the next o