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Create a New PlanUpdated 6 months ago

Creating a new Plan Membership is as simple as placing a normal order! Use this guide to create a new plan if you have never been a Plan Member before. 

  1. Navigate to the Shop page on the Step One Foods website. 
  2. Select the first product you would like to subscribe to. 
  3. Scroll to the add to cart section of the product page, under "Ingredients & Nutrition" 
  4. You'll see two options: One Time Purchase and Subscribe and Save
  5. Select the Subscribe and Save and use the drop-down option to select a delivery frequency. 30 days is the default cadence. 
  6. Update the product quantity if needed. 
  7. Select add to cart.
  8. If you would like to add additional products to your cart, repeat this process with the other products. 
  9. When you have all the products in your cart, proceed to checkout. 
  10. On the information page of the checkout page, make sure you create an account. You need an account to be able to access and manage your plan.

  11. Follow the prompts to create your account or sign into your existing account.
  12. Proceed through the rest of the checkout process like normal. 
  13. Once, you've placed your order you'll be a new Plan Member! You can log into your account at any time to manage your Plan.

    View our instructional video:

Using a mobile device or tablet:


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